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BBTac A002

BBTac A-002 Airsoft Spring Pistol with Blue Green Lights and Laser Module 140 FPS Spring Airsoft Gun by BBTac® Introducing the Spring BBTac A-002 Pistol Airsoft Gun!

This Airsoft gun is the perfect gun for anyone just getting their start in the world of Airsoft. With a light weight plastic construction and a tactical laser and flashlight module this gun is perfect for any soldier! With fire power of 140 FPS and a 14 round magazine this spring pistol is the perfect secondary or weapon on the battle field. With it’s small size it is perfect for fooling around with your friends or taking it out to the field of battle and using it as a secondary weapon. So what are you waiting for? Pick up this BB Tac spring Airsoft gun today and have a have a blast with your friends!

  • High Impact Plastic Construction Illuminates with blue and green lights plus red dot laser
  • Detachable Aiming Device Module
  • Muzzle velocity: 140 FPS w 6mm 0.12g BB’s
  • Minors require parent or legal guardian supervision to operate
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